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Hi Alwin

After taking your course I felt more confident in trading now. Your course is so attractive that once I started I just kept going till the very end without much delay! The contents are easy to understand because you present them in such a logical way. You teach how to trade rather than introducing some software for trading! There are many books and courses on forex available in the market, but I believe yours is one of the best.

Most importantly you have a good heart helping others making money.

Many thanks

Eng Ong Sydney, Australia

Thank's Alwin.

Just wanted to take the opportunity to say how impressed I am with the course too, have been studying trading for a little while now and your course has already clearly explained numerous things I was previously unsure of.

Same goes for both your Pullback and Price Action books too, which are how I came across your course initially.

Thanks again


Gary Allen London, United Kingdom

Interested to Learn Trading?

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.​

Reading this now, you must be wondering what and why you want to Learn To Trade the financial market. While I don't know what's on your mind, I like to invite you to imagine yourself being in the future now. You wake up in the morning and the first thing you do is to check your trading account. You just made some profit and you smile as you head out to do your own thing.

For some, you might spend time with your family. For others, you'll be doing what you enjoy most (what ever that may be).

I like to believe that everyone can achieve Financial Freedom, Unlimited Wealth, Early Retirement etc. because you and I know that it is possible. While some of you might have the same belief, many struggle to achieve success. However, that's because they fail to understand what is required to get it right.

The first step is the most important. It is the most crucial and the most effective as it will initiate the direction you have chosen.

Stephen James Backley OBE Stephen James Backley OBE
English Athlete - former World Record Holder for Javelin Throwing

So instead of selling you all of the above, I am going to set the tone right so that as you join Market Apprentice, you already have the right foundation to achieve trading success and you can do so sooner rather than later.

Think About It

Trading and investing can be SIMPLE, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that it’s easy. I know that there are many websites and infomercials that try to tell you differently. They make you think that you just have to read a few pages or attend an online class, and then, magically, you’ll become a successful trader/investor.

Don’t be fooled.

Like in any other profession, you need a solid education before you get started. After all, the goal is to make more money than a lawyer or a doctor, but many aspiring traders/investors expect to learn everything they need to know from an eBook that they might get somewhere on the Internet, most likely for free. And how could a small amount of free information teach you to make more money than people who have gone to school for years and years?

Right, the answer is: - IT CAN'T

Some aspiring traders think they don’t have to learn a single thing. They believe that they can buy a “magic system” or “XXX software” that will place their trades for them and make them rich while they sleep. Or they rely on the advice of some “guru” for their trading decisions, blindly following his recommendations without knowing anything about the markets.

I'm glad you’re different.

Trading and investing are different, but the rules for both are the same. The same principals and guidelines apply to both activities, if we learn how to effectively trade, investing comes easy. Whatever area of the market and how we use our money learning to trade compliments investing.


3 Pillars of Trading Success

Well, if you are serious about learning to trade, then make sure to understanding this.

In order to achieve Trading Success there are three main pillars that you need to conquer in order to achieve consistent profitability. These pillars are the Market, the Method and the Mind. In case you don't know what that means, a simple analogy to represent them would be a map, a car and the driver:


Learning how to navigate in the market is like learning how to navigate the "Road Map", some use the atlas and some use road signs. Neither is right nor wrong because those who gets to the destination is the winner. Once you're capable of navigating, you’ll be able to make an educated guess of where price will go next.


Once you understand the map and you're capable of it, you then pick a "Car" to bring you to places. The car is just a vehicle or system that will follow your command and, like any ordinary car, it has unique specifications. When you start to trade, it does not matter what car you drive, just learn to drive one that moves your bank account to profit.

Once you are consistently profitable, you can decide to change the specification of the car.


The "Driver" is and will be the most crucial part of your trading journey. In case you don’t realise, I'm referring to YOU, the trader. While you can choose any car you want to drive, if you cannot control even a basic car, then you’re better off not having one because the driver needs to be trained first.


Now, I've use the analogy of driving a car to illustrate the different pillars of trading, you should realise that having clarity of each pillar is crucial. That's because, beyond learning all three of them, you want to integrate them too. Trust me that the integration is not a small matter. In fact, many traders try to do it without guidance and that's why only 10% of traders succeed and the rest of them tend to struggle.

From experience, it is much easier to start off by focusing on each pillar independently. This is an important point because, sometimes, traders can't tell if the driver needs help or if the car needs an overhaul.

Market Apprentice helps you focus on the each of them separately and there is great emphasis on getting the steps right. I make strong emphasis by breaking down the course into small bite size chunks. Learning to trade is EASY once you have clarity of these pillars and you will achieve success if you understand the pillars of success.


Learning with Market Apprentice

Interested to become a professional trader? We are please to offer you our comprehensive online trading courses here at Market Apprentice. Learn to read Price Action and trade Price Action Strategies. The courses are designed to make learning easy and effortless.

There is a whole lot of learning. The most powerful thing about this course is that you learn to become a trader. Undersold on the course description.

Geetha Nayar Geetha Nayar
Business Owner, Kuala Lumpur

-50% For First 100 Paying Customers Only

Enjoy this promotion as I continue to build more learning materials. While the first 100 traders may have a slower start, they benefit from the DISCOUNT and still enjoy the LIFE TIME access to the course.

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A Few Features to Support Your Learning

  • Life Time Access

    Learning to trade is not about squeezing in as much learning as you can at the start but it’s about taking your time to absorb the learning at your own pace. Which is why you will get LIFE TIME access if you join.

  • Private Forum

    A Private Group discussion for those who are serious about sharing and learning from each other.

  • Structured Learning

    I was an apprentice trader in the past and I understand the importance of a structured program. While there are plenty to learn, you must follow the step-by-step approached designed for effective learning.

  • Premium Web Tutorial

    I’m not just talking about the videos. You are give Tasks to work on and Quiz questions to answer along the way as you learn.

  • Member’s Only Support

    While there is already private forum for your development, you can always post a question and I’ll be there to support your growth. And if that’s not enough, I’m just one click away if you have any questions.

  • Plenty to Learn

    As I write this, there are already 40+ short videos ready for your development. As and when possible, I will add more so that you can get the latest trade samples and discussion.

  • 24/7 Access

    Because this is an online learning hub, you get access to the learning materials 24/7 and 365 days a year. You can learn this where ever you are as long as you have access to the internet.

  • Your Development Matters

    In the end, this is also a business. Thus, your development and growth is important to me too. I want to make sure you can become a market trader so that I have more success stories to tell.

  • Refund

    Not happy with the course? No Questions Asked, you can request for a full refund within 60 days of purchase (partial refund of monthly subscribers).


Smart Apprentice Trading Course

We give you the tools to be your own boss. We believe anyone can be a trader provided they have the right Education, Support and Commitment.

Learn the Basics of Forex Trading and Start Trading Price Action Strategies

This is a structured online workshop that will prepare you for the Pro Apprentice course. As a beginner, we understand that you’ll still be working in your day job. In fact, we strongly encourage you to stay in the job. Imagine starting your course here from home and learning to trade at your own speed. You know you are in charge of your learning and that makes learning much more effective already.

The Smart Course is designed to help new traders in a step-by-step approach because, evan in an online environment, you are in a class. Here, you will learn to make sense of the Randomness of the market and to understand how to put the market in perspective so that you can navigate your way around it. A vital course for both new and intermediate traders in order to make the most out of the Pro Apprentice course.

At Market Apprentice, we are an advocate that all you only need is 1 or 2 ways to be profitable. The objective of this course is to focus on being consistent by using only a few but important trading tools. In fact, you want to be an expert at being simple. As mentioned, this is a great basic course as we want to help you seal your foundation before you progress to become day traders. Alternatively, you can keep it simple and continue to build passive income as you will have sufficient tools from this course. ​

There is great emphasis on Price Action, Price Patterns and basic Technical Analysis because Price is the ONLY LEADING indicator. This means that traders do not trade on news and they do not need to know any fundamental information. Again, the focus of the course is to keep things simple. ​As part of the course, we have also included 2 very simple trading systems as we believe this is a great starting point for beginners.

Risk Management is key and money management is crucial.

Note: The course will cover the Market and Method Pillars

  1. Learn to Navigate in the Financial Market
  2. Learn to Identify Low-Risk, High Reward Trading Opportunities
  3. Learn to trade Conservatively and to Avoid Intraday volatility
  4. Learn 2 Profitable and Relaxing Trading Strategies​.
  5. Access to a Private Group Forum where you will get all the support you need.
  6. Plenty of Tasks to start applying what you’ve learnt.
  1. People who wants to build Extra/Passive Income but are busy with their day job. The course is designed to accommodate the needs of busy individuals.
  2. People who aspire to become Full Time Traders but do not know where to start. Smart Apprentice will equip you with the tools you need to build extra income and prepare you towards joining the Pro Apprentice course.
  3. For Veteran Investors who wants to Diversify their Investment Portfolio. Diversification is a great way to manage your risk and this course provides the tool kit that supports your overall investment strategy.
  1. You get Instant access and you can start IMMEDIATELY.
  2. New learning material (relevant to the course) for FREE – as I continue add more useful information to the course.
  3. Online Access to our Premium Learning Hub.
  4. Wihtin the learning hub, you will get access to

Videos for teaching, trading and learning tips.
– Learning Articles and visual guides.
Updates for any new materials posted onto the learning hub.
Forums – this is the best place to ask, discuss and share your learnings.

The course is a great starting point for new traders, it’s easy to follow and the strong focus on price action helped me understand why and how the strategies should be applied. Although I was sceptical due to its simplicity, I was very pleased to learn the importance of having a coach. ​Alwin keeps the course really simple and he makes an effort to follow up with us after the course.

Budi Surya
Business Owner, London

Pro Apprentice Trading Course

Now that you have experienced the Tools, You can learn to Make Trading Your own for Yourself. Trading Education is a Journey because there Always is Space for Improvement.

Learn Advance Price Action and You'll Learn to Create Your Own

As you continue to trade the market, the randomness of the market slowly disappears. In fact, the more you trade, the more you know that you can reliably depend on Price when navigating the market. Hence, as your confidence continues to grow, you want to learn more about Price Action. If that’s you, then the Pro Apprentice is for you.

Now that you understand and have experienced what is like to be a market trader, we will leverage the foundation from Smart Apprentice to build more knowledge. In the Smart Course, you have learned a profitable system. However, in the Pro course, we will bring your trading to the next level.

Remember that it takes two hands to clap and success will only come if you want it enough and if you are willing to work hard. When you join the Pro course, you will also learn to create and build your own trading system.

For some, creating your own system might not be the ultimate goal. However, it is the process of creating your own system will allow you to think deeper within yourself about the tools that suit you the most. Apart from deepening your knowledge in technical analysis, you will also learn about yourself in the process.

Note: The course will cover the Market and Method Pillars.

PRE-REQUISITE: Smart Apprentice

  1. Learn to Navigate in multiple Timeframes.
  2. Learn additional indicators to support the system that you want to build.
  3. Understand Price Action at Market Extremes to increase probability of a Successful Trade
  4. Learn Multiple Take Profit Strategies
  5. Learn and Create A Personalised Trading System​
  6. Access to Private Group discussion where we help answer any questions that you may have throughout the week.
  7. Plenty of Tasks to start applying what you’ve learnt.
  8. Any Future and New Learning materials that are not been published yet.
  1. People who are serious and wants to take trading to the next level so that they can customise a suitable trading system for yourselves.
  2. People who wants a deeper understanding of Price and Price Action.
  3. People who aspire to become full time traders and want to maximise your returns the way you want it.
  1. You get Instant access and you can start IMMEDIATELY.
  2. New learning material (relevant to the course) for FREE – as I continue add more useful information to the course.
  3. Online Access to our Premium Learning Hub.
  4. Wihtin the learning hub, you will get access to

Videos for teaching, trading and learning tips.
– Learning Articles and visual guides.
Updates for any new materials posted onto the learning hub.
Forums – this is the best place to ask, discuss and share your learnings.

The course I attended helped me greatly in gaining my Trading knowledge. For someone who started from scratch, the course supported me in becoming familiar, from the basics up to the advance level.

Alwin also provided good learning materials. The guidance from the course gave me more confidence, and the one more benefit I have is I can always refer back to him if any questions arise.

Walid Ahmad Mamuzai
Phone Retailer, London
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The Secrets of Trading The First Pullback

Believe it or not, you see price pullbacks almost every time you open your price chart. However, many traders do not see it.


Sometimes the best things are just right in front of you.

Believe it or not, you see price pullbacks almost every time you open your price chart because it is inevitable that price is cycling and pulling back and forth all the time. However, many traders do not see it. That just goes to show that humans (including traders) can be so engrossed in their own thing that they often fail to see the obvious that is right in front of them.

While this book is primarily about pullbacks, this is also my way of breaking down information from what seems to be bulky blocks into little absorbable chunks and building them back into useful resources. By breaking the process down, you are able to spot the various clues in the market easily. The more clues you find, the more likely that you have a successful trade.

At the same time, never forget the bigger picture when trading. Since the big guns are the one with the deepest pocket, it makes sense to keep track of who those market leaders are. By keeping track, I don’t mean searching for the traders’ information. Instead, I am referring to understanding what and how price is reacting to certain challenges in the market. In fact, the more you understand price action, the easier you can spot the leader.

Trading price action pullbacks can be very profitable if done correctly. Hence, I hope to show you a variety of pullback patterns and hopefully you can use that as a starting point to fine tune your own trading. Learning to trade is a journey. However, once you built a solid foundation, the rest of the journey should be easier.

Also, it is profitable trading pullback if it is congruent with your trading beliefs. Hence, I hope to explain how, why and when trading pullbacks works. More importantly, you should also understand how, why and when they do not work.


You can buy the book by using PayPal (PDF version). Please click on the Buy button below to proceed.

Pullback Price 4BuyNowRedWe Accept Any Major Credit Cards Or PayPal Payments.


About Market Apprentice

Market Apprentice (MA) is an energetic and innovative training centre that is here to make a difference.

You found this website because you either have been looking for a trading school or you just started to do so. While I hope that this is your ultimate and Final choice, I also want you to know that you should only join MA if you truly want to trade for a living.

Remember that it takes two hands to clap, if you meet me half way, I will definitely do my best to help you become successful. After all, joining MA now means you get a life-time access to the learning materials.

Why Join Us?

Being here now, you probably already know why you want to become a market trader. The next question in your mind is probably How To Get There, is it not? If that's what you want to know, then you are at the right place now.

You and I already know that becoming a trader will require work. Because, if a medical student takes 5 years before he/she can practice medicine, it'll be foolish to believe that you can learn to trade in a few weeks. As I have experienced it personally, I understand that learning to trade the market is a challenging task. Therefore, I believe it is important to have a clear break down structure as soon as you join.

The biggest enemy of new traders is complexity, for that leads to confusion. Hence, the purpose of Market Apprentice is to simplify trading by allowing you to deal with the learning one at a time. Instead of having to take care of price action, technical indicators, market behaviour, emotions, money and risk management all at the same time, you are able deal with them in manageable chunks.

At Market Apprentice, all lessons are made up of many simple lessons and they are designed to flow. The lessons are in bite size chunks and you will learn them effortlessly irrespective of your career background. Market Apprentice has designed the courses to be flexible, simple and easy to follow. Also, you take those courses as quickly as you want or as slowly as you want because you are in control of what you learn.

Good Morning Alwin, Thank you for your email. I have to say your course material is very well and clearly presented. Very pleased with the course modules so far...

Tuhin Dev
Doctor/ Entrepreneur, Cardiff, Wales

You have heard that trading is more than just technical analysis. In fact, you are 100% correct because trading psychology plays a crucial role in your trading success. While there are many trading schools out there, Market Apprentice is the only few who will be offering Technical and Trading Psychology courses. In preparing the courses, I have taken the initiative to learn and get trained as a qualified master coach using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ABNLP) and basic Hypnosis, I have combined my technical trading and my interest in Trading Psychology behaviour when creating Market Apprentice.

Why NOT Join Us?

The fact that you are still here, it means you are serious about trading. That means, you should know by now that Market Apprentice, as the name suggests, is an apprenticeship program that helps traders transition from an Apprentice to becoming a Market Trader.

While Market Apprentice is still at its infancy (launched in March 2014) there will be plenty of new learning material that will be released. Nonetheless, I believe that it is important that you should understand what Market Apprentice is NOT, right from the beginning, so that there we can be on the same page when you join.

  • You are looking for Live Trading Signals. Fortunately for you, the tools that you will learn are tools to help you create your own trading signals. As this is an educational website, we strictly only provide educational services.
  • You are looking for a robot or a completely mechanical system. All trading methodologies that you learn at Market Apprentice are predominantly manual trading. Placing an order at a specific price is as robotic as it gets.
  • You want to become a Pro Trader very quickly. Market Apprentice is looking for long term members who are serious and committed to learning. The lessons that you get here will probably fill up your time for the next several months. In fact, you should expect yourself to be busy learning / asking questions instead of hoping or dreaming for a get rich quick system.
  • You are looking for an easy ride. The material is there and the support is there. As mentioned, this is a business and you are expected to do your share of learning if you are serious about becoming a successful trader. The market can be generous and unforgiving at the same time. I cannot guarantee that the market will not tear you apart, however, if you followed the syllabus carefully, the chances are slimmer that it will not happen.
  • You are expecting never to lose a dime. I’m sure even Usain Bolt (professional runner and Olympic gold medallist) had a few falls when he started to walk as a toddler. Trading is a probability business and you should expect to have both winning and losing trades every now and then. The great thing about this business is that your winners will cover more than your losses once you fully understand and implement the business plan. More importantly, if you follow the course with care, you can afford to lose occasionally and still have plenty to spare.
  • You are expecting me to be online all the time. I am available most days when the market is open and I will personally reply to any messages that come my way. I do however love my life and my freedom. Hence, on days that I don’t reply, please give me some time and I will get back to you on any queries as soon as I am available.
See Plans and Pricing

Plans and Pricing

Invest in Yourself. Your Career is the Engine of your Wealth

-50% For First 100 Paying Customers Only

Enjoy this promotion as I continue to build more learning materials. While the first 100 traders may have a slower start, they benefit from the DISCOUNT and still enjoy the LIFE TIME access to the course.

Affordable Learning

Smart Apprentice (Monthly)
$17 Days Trial
  • 7 Days Trial. After that, you pay
  • $21 / month for 6 months Only. You'll get LIFE-TIME access after Final Payment.
  • Cancel Anytime

Start Your Trading

Career Today!

PRO Apprentice (Monthly)
$37.50Was $75
  • 6 Months Subscription Only
  • You'll get LIFE-TIME access after the Final Payment.
  • Cancel Anytime

Serious Trading for

Serious Traders

Note: The Pro Course above is only available to members who have FULLY paid for the Smart Apprentice course. Alternatively, you can also sign up for a new Smart + Pro Monthly plan (above). Unfortunately, the course fees cannot be prorated.

Also Available in ONE-OFF Plans

Smart Apprentice
$125Was $249
  • Instant Access
  • LIFE TIME Membership
Pro Apprentice
$225Was: $449
  • Instant Access
  • LIFE TIME Membership

Note: Smart Apprentice is a PRE-REQUISITE to the Pro Apprentice course. You are NOT ALLOWED to purchase or subscribe the Pro course unless you have fully paid for the Smart Apprentice course.


Hear What Others Say

I truly love every part of the course. But don't take my words for it. Hear what good things others have to say about it.

...One of the best things about the course is Alwin's approach to strategies. He doesn't teach them as exact science 'get rich quick' automatic methods to trader, but rather he teaches about market price action and how some strategies can be used to understand that, and make some predictions on what the market will do in order to place trades that will win more often than they lose...

Alexander Roan
Alexander Roan Business Consultant, London

I attended one of Alwin's trading classes in 2012. I'd read Tim Ferris's book '10-hour work week' and was keen to find find a secondary form of income (my main job is as a self employed management consultant). My background to trading was having read 'Mastering the currency markets' by Jay Norris / Al Gaskill / Teresa Bell and spent some time researching various websites.

The course was very well prepared, on arrival Alwin provided us with a glossy book of presentation slides, notes and exercises for the course. In the run up to and following the course Alwin was always available via Skype or to meet for a drink to answer any questions and discuss different points related to trading. The course was holistic in covering market basics, trading psychology and some specific trading strategies.

One of the best things about the course is Alwin's approach to strategies. He doesn't teach them as exact science as 'get rich quick' automatic methods to trader, but rather he teaches about market price action and how some strategies can be used to understand that, and make some predictions on what the market will do in order to place trades that will win more often than they lose.

Another thing I liked about this training was the focus on developing understanding of price action through explanation and exercises. In trading there are many indicators, which can become very confusing and Alwin advises to focus on the basics, and avoid information overload with too many indicators.

Alwin also talked about the market psychology and the different players explaining how developing a good understanding of why the market does what it does is important.

There is a whole lot of learning. The most powerful thing about this course is that you learn to become a trader. Undersold on the course description.

Geetha Nayar
Geetha Nayar Business Owner, Kuala Lumpur

...He (Alwin) has an easy way of explaining even the difficult aspects of both fundamental trading issues, various useful techniques and even more niche theory that one should be aware of.

The course is well set up and thought true and will give anyone the tools and knowledge they need (or at least should have) to be able to start pursuing trading, either as a hobby or a career.

Kjetil Pedersen
Kjetil Pedersen Engineering Consultant, London (Currently in Singapore)

Alwin is a very enthusiastic teacher. He has clearly put all of his learning's into this course to give a thorough and very good insight into this seemingly obscure and difficult "thing" that is trading.

He has an easy way of explaining even the difficult aspects of both fundamental trading issues, various useful techniques and even more niche theory that one should be aware of.

The course is well set up and thought true and will give anyone the tools and knowledge they need (or at least should have) to be able to start pursuing trading, either as a hobby or a career."

When I first signed up to the course I thought that I would get some basic understanding of how trading works. I was wrong.

I learned so much and that was just after one day! If I would have tried to learn this by myself it would have taken me at least ten times as long. Having somebody who is already successful at trading teach you is such an advantage. Alwin teaches with passion and having somebody that teaches you that actually cares makes such a difference.

This is one of the best investments I made yet!

Ben Nabu
Ben Nabu Exchange Student, Kuala Lumpur
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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ On Joining

  • q-iconWhat Is The Format Of The Course Material?

    The course is delivered using videos and reading materials. You will also get tasks that are embedded in the videos.

    As I write this FAQ (June 2014), I have got about 40+ videos and I will be creating more as traders begin to ask questions. I always get new questions and I try to answer them separately to give a new perspective to the same answer.

  • q-iconHow long will the promotion be available for?

    Because this is a new course, I am aiming to recruit 100 traders immediately. Hence, there is an on going promotion. Until 100th traders have joined, the promotion will still be valid.

  • q-iconWhat Is The Unique Selling Point Of The Pro Apprentice?

    I believe the area that you will really benefit from the Pro course is that you learn to create your own trading system.

    It is trough learning how to build a system where you will truly learn how to differentiate between the Market and the Method (as explained above). This is where I push you out of your comfort zone and make you think on your feet. If you are able to think for yourself, you will start to view the market differently as well. This will most definitely push you one step further in terms of trading. New traders see a set up and they jump into it. When you can separate both the market and the method, trading becomes so much more relaxing and fun.

    Also, you can trade any timeframe and system you want once you understand how to build your own system.

  • q-iconI Have Traded In The Past. Can I Skip The Smart Apprentice Course?

    You are probably right that some of the smart contents will not be suitable for you and the pro course is really what you are looking for. Unfortunately, I made the Smart course a compulsory course because, if everyone starts the course claiming that they know enough, then they will not be consistency when they are at the pro level.

    The idea of have the Smart course a pre-requisite because I want to keep your development consistent in what I believe is important and to avoid any confusion later on.

    For example, I’m a pure chartist and I personally don’t trade the news. In fact, I stay out during news release as there are too many market makers who are out there to disrupt the market flow. As it is, this is already an inconsistency in the way you and I trade.

    When you have a good understanding of you Smart course, that’s when you truly benefit from the Pro Course.

  • q-iconI Am Very Busy Now, Can I Purchase The Course Later?

    Yes you can purchase the courses later, I may increase the prices where relevant.

    That’s because I am constantly adding new material into the online hub. These are useful information that is suitable to your development and, where I feel relevant, I will also increase the prices to reflect on the content provided here.

    With that, my advise to you is to take advantage of the prices now as you do get a life time access any way.

FAQ On Learning

  • q-iconWhy Is Building My Own Trading System Important?

    Most of the time, I find that people want more and they are never satisfied. While that is a good attitude to have, it can cause adverse effect on some traders because they end up jumping from one system to another. Instead of teaching another system, the Pro course will guide you to build your own.

  • q-iconHow Much Time Do I Need To Spend At The Charts?

    Personally, I only look at the charts every 4 hours. When I have a trade set up, I’ll spend 5 minutes placing a trade. When I don’t have a set up, it takes 20 seconds and I’m done.

    The amount of time you spend is really down to your schedule. Of course, I definitely recommend that you should spend more time at the beginning so that you can get familiarised with the market. Also, the more time you invest in learning, the more you can accelerate your own learning. Once you know what to do, you can choose to change your schedule or routine where you see fit.

    This is a life-time skill that you are learning, as long as you are constantly progressing, there is no rush to it.

See Plans and Pricing

60 Days 100% Satisfaction

I have been a disappointed customer in the past and I understand how it feels like when you’re not happy with a purchase. Because of that experience, I strongly believe that you, as a customer, must be 100% satisfied with the purchase. Hence, I would like to return you the full amount if you are not satisfied with the purchase within 60 days from purchase date.

However, it will be great if I can ask of a big favour. Please let me know why are you were not satisfied. More importantly, please let me know how I can improve.

I am sure you bought the book because you wanted to be a better trader. So, by letting me know where I can improve will most definitely help me create better products for you in the future.

About Alwin Ng

Thank you for stopping by, my name is Alwin Ng and I’m the owner of this site. I am a full time currency trader but I’m also a part time Transformation Coach (using NLP and Hypnosis), Online Educator, Blogger and Writer.

Alwin Ng
Trader & Coach
Excellence Through Success Coaching

“He Who Says He Can And He Who Says He Can’t Are Both Usually Right”


  • Certified Master Coach and Practitioner of Neuro-Lingustic Programming (ABNLP)
  • Certified Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy (ABH)
  • Certified Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy® Techniques
  • Certified Practitioner of Language and Behaviour (LAB) Profile for Coaching
  • Certified Member of the International Association of Counsellors & Therapist (IACT)

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